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Frequently Asked Questions

How could an order be made?
An order could be made by one of the following ways:

  • Direct order on the online shop at any time of the day
  • Order by telephone  +359 888 606 333  in working hours (10:00 - 17:00 o’clock)

For orders made online on our shop is possible our agent to contact you by phone in case we need more details.

How could a payment be arranged?
We offer different payment methods for the orders:


*  Bank payment
IBAN - LEVA: BG50 RZBB 9155 1064 1880 15
IBAN - EUR: BG38 RZBB 9155 1464 1880 04

*  Payment with debit or credit cards

*  Payment through:

*  Payment through:

*  Payment on delivery by cash (in cases in which the website allows this method)

In what term after the Proforma-Invoice is issued, could be made the payment?
Until the lapse of 7 days period from the date and hour of its issuance. After this period, the order shall be canceled. If you want to resume it, it is necessary to be made completely once again.

When an online order is running?
Orders for doormats are realized (produced), after receiving confirmation for payment made by the paying agent or information from our bank account when selected method is "bank transfer".
In case that on the web-site is allowed method “cash on delivery”, minimum one day after receiving the order.

How a delivery is made?
The delivery in Bulgaria will be made by a national courier company, chosen by the client. The calculated price for delivery in the order is just a quote and isn't final. The actual price depends on the price list of the delivery company picked.
For other European countries, after consulting with us to choose the optimal transport, courier and delivery term.

When and how to obtain an original Invoice?
Ramer Group Ltd is issuing electronic invoices, suiting the requirements of the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature. The original of the invoice you can download termless on
The Original invoice accompanies only the deliveries .


According to Article7, paragraph 1 and Article 8 of the Law on Accounting, Article 114 of the VAT Law and Article 78 of the Rules for the implementation of the VAT Act, the seal is not mandatory invoice detail and signatures are replaced by identification codes.

Why you have to register?

  • The registration helps you to purchase here in need with no need each time to enter  delivery and invoice data!
  • The subscription is entirely voluntary. If you have a subscription, you will receive e-mails about new products, promotions and exclusive offers. If you do not want to receive our messages, you can unsubscribe at any time here   ..........

What sizes the doormat to be ordered with ?

  • It is good the size of the doormat to be consistent with the wide of the front door. The type of site for which the doormat is ordered is essential:
  • for an office, study or home is sufficient a doormat with length 40 ... 50 cm, because when one come in , he halt to wipe his shoes;
  • for sites with a great traffic, with automatic doors and free access is recommended the visitors to make several steps on the doormat/s. This provides more effective retention of the impurities in them. Visitors are not retained in order to clean their shoes;

What elements (what configuration) to be the doormat with?

  • For doormats placed outdoor suitable elements are brush, rubber, scraper. Also, for less visited sites can be used doormats "FINO PLAST" and "AUTO".
  • The placed inside doormats can be continuing of the front doormats with textile inserts, and also can be entirely textile doormats purposed to stop the moisture. This combination will prevent the wet traces on the  flooring.

How to place a doormat when there is no separate hole for building in?

  • You can order a doormat/s also with external (above the floor level) canted frame. The frame will keep from accidentally tripping when passing along the doormat. The height of the doormat does not matter, it is sufficient the canted frame to be consistent with it.
  • Alternatively decision is a rubber doormat "AUTO" or a longer textile. Both of them are produced with canted rubber frames.

Can orders be combined?

  • Orders placed separately can not be combined. If the target is reducing the transport cost, please bear in mind that it is calculated based on the weight of the goods and combining the orders would not affect to the value.

Can already paid order to be canceled?

  • A doormat manufactured according your individual order and dimensions, can not be refused under art. 55, par. 2, sect. 3 of the Law on Consumer Protection.

Can already received goods to be returned?

  • A customer of ( RAMER GROUP LTD ), who is not a trader within the meaning of the Commercial code , bought goods through the online shop, has the right , without compensation or penalty and without giving any reason, to withdraw from the concluded distance contract within 7 working days under the laws of Republic of Bulgaria. In this case, the Customer is only responsible for the direct costs for returning the goods.
  • A doormat manufactured to your individual and dimensions, is non-refundable in accordance with art. 55, par. 2, sect. 3 of Consumer Protection Law.
  • The customer will be notified of any product if it can be returned or not.
  • The customer is obliged to inform RAMER GROUP of its intention to return the purchased products, through any means of written communication (e-mail, fax or other ) within 7 working days after receipt of the goods, if he decides to take advantage of his rights according art.55 (observing the limitation of art. 55, par. 2, sec. 3) of Consumer Protection Law.
  • A customer who notified RAMER GROUP that he will exercise his rights under art. 55 of Consumer Protection Law, is responsible for returning the goods not later than 10 days from sending of the notice, otherwise we will consider the request for return as invalid and non-producing any legal effect .
  • The customer must return the goods at his own expense, intact , fully equipped with all the accompanying documents, without any external or internal defects in the original package of the manufacturer, accompanied by the warranty card and the cost of returning the goods are at his expense. In case that the Customer fails to comply with the above conditions RAMER GROUP has the right to refuse the cancellation of the concluded contract.