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CLEANING ZONES - Your choice is good to include 2 ZONES


FIRST ZONE doormats - keep the coarse, heavy dirts. To be mounted in front of the entrance of the building. These doormats are made of aluminum profiles with mounted in cleaning inserts (allowing replacement), rubber or metal trays. In less loaded sites, could be also used doormats FINO PLAST (40% PA, 60% PP), which will not be affected by weather conditions.


SECOND ZONE doormats - stop the finer particles, dust. Placed on the internal side of the entrance, they may be the most important decision which might determine your choice.
     If you use a doormat for FIRST ZONE, you can go directly to THIRD ZONE (absorbent textile doormats).
     In case you do not use FIRST ZONE, here you can put a doormat with aluminum profiles, combined with rubber and textile inserts or textile inserts only. Another choice could be doormats with a solid PVC base, but it is better to increase the length (at least 2 feet of the visitor).
     Choosing a doormat for the second zone is appropriate to comply with the interior of the entrance.


THIRD ZONE doormats - keep the moisture from the shoes. Here it is necessary to cover 2 even 3 feet of the visitor. These doormats are entering into the interior and it is not desirable to be of coarse materials. Their purpose is to prevent moisture from shoes from spreading on the floor. Large dirts are stopped by the doormats from FIRST or SECOND zone.
     Doormats for THIRD ZONE are chosen by color, height of the textile, the need of logo doormats, but the important thing is to have excellent absorbency.