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Non-standard shapes


For non-standard shapes, please first consult with us. Non-standard are all shapes different from the rectangle shape. For your convenience here we are showing some common shapes.



A doormat could be produced for each specific place. It can be adjusted to an obstacle, twisting, specific project. In these cases, a visit on the spot is require, drafting for the producing of the doormat and the production term may be different from the declared term.


Doormats with large dimensions are produced from separate sections. This provides a possibility for:

  • easier maintenance - cleaning under the doormat
  • in case of a damage an easy fixing is possible 
  • partial removal when crossing techniqual eqcuipments, carts


Preferably, the largest section will be placed in the middle, where is the greatest traffic.



It is possible producing "paths" for the movement of visitors. Paths are made of materials for doormats good for durability and retention of shape and design. Paths made of doormats limit the wear out of expensive flooring.


Some peculiarities that you should know:

  • Doormats built-in in rotating doors are made of 4 sections.
  • LOGO doormats could be produced by choice from 4 textile materials and also from BRUSH.
  • A doormat of 5 sq.m, made of aluminum profiles, weighs between 70 and 80 kg.

  • For production of non-standard shapes, in some cases it is necessary to use a bigger quantity of materials. In these cases there is a waste that is calculated in the order.