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Our advices are:


The doormat should be able to undertake the flow of passing visitors. The doormat endurance and capacity to keep the dirt are important features. A doormat with a low height aluminium or polypropylene profile will not resist the visitors flow from a supermarket.




During which season is used, what is to be kept - snow, sand, dust, mud, how often it rains.




There is no need for a wide doormat if the flow of visitors will move only in the middle (i.e. there will not be any visitors to move parallel and close to the entrance of the building). In this case, you should be sure of the length of the doormat.




The dimensions of the doormats are important. The more steps visitors make on the doormat, the more impurities are retained and the less damage on the floor. This does not mean to buy a huge and expensive doormat! Let your choice be functional.
The reality is that few visitors will stop deliberately to clean their shoes. They are not there to maintain the building clean.




Doormats with aluminum profiles allow you to choose the material of the inserts on the doormat (brush, rubber, textile), and also the color of the textile inserts.

  • BRUSH - there is no better way of keeping the rough and heavy dirts. The brushes are driven into the shoe and work on the principle of scrubing. They look good combined with a RUBBER insert. No problem for outdoor mounting.
  • RUBBER –  - like brush stops heavy dirts, but it will require more steps. When the interior or the load allow a good choice. The efficiency will be improved significantly, if you combine with a ONE row brush. No problem for outdoor seating.
  • TEXTILE – it can not stop the heavy dirts (when it is placed in a profile). The moisture will reduce the ability of keeping dirt. It allows choosing the doormat color according to the interior design. In combination with RUBBER inserts or ALUMINIUM RIM there is the possibility to significantly increase its efficiency . It is absolutely NOT recommended mounting the TEXTILE outdoors.




The floor in the premises. Tile, stone, wood or a difficult to maintain marble The doormats stop solids and protect the floor from scratches. The more demanding for maintenance of the floor is, the less stout dirt should reach it.




Shape of the doormat. There are cases in which interior solutions require specific shapes of doormats. This can be a REVOLVING DOORS, COLUMNS, or TURNING POINTS, desire to direct the FLOW OF VISITORS, INTERIOR DESIGN DECISIONS etc. There are always solutions. The good decisions come after discussions and searching for the optimal parameters.




UNDER or OVER the ground level?
Dug into the flooring (under the ground level) - excludes the possibility of tripping, godd for interior or exterior seating, there is the possibility to take the dirts off into the sewer. Available MOUNTING FRAMES - dug under the surface and therefore accurate hollow size and depth are required. The advantage for these doormats is that the passing visitors meet no obstacle in their path.


Placed over the floor level with beveled frame - when there is no possibility for digging. Frames for mounting over the floor level are put in order to prevent the foot from meeting obstacle on 90o (avoid tripping). Available frames with a width 4.5 and 6.5 cm and at angles around 45о.




Doormat color. Refers mainly to the choice of color of textile doormats from THIRD ZONE. There is a choice (depending on the material) of different colors in order to cover the full requirements of the interior.




LOGO doormats! Placing a logo doormat is a personal preference. This doormat is designed for a THIRD ZONE. It can also be used for a SECOND ZONE or as a single doormat, if it is large enough for high traffic of visitors (at least 6-8 feet) or the passing people are few.