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      The good style and the care for the cleanliness are important. The doormats are an accessory to the modern building that protects the interior from dirties.
StepMat offers professional cleaning doormats suitable to your specific needs. The selection includes:

Sizes   (width and length)

Shape   (non-standard shapes corresponding to specific design solutions)
Height (in accordance with the intended project, depth of the hole)
Configuration of the inserts (depending on area of use)
Color of the textile inserts (according to the tones of the flooring)
Frames  (for installation in the floor, skewed for external placing)
LOGO (colorful display of logos and symbols)
Structure of the textile materials (in accordance with the function and the zone)

Select the type of the doormat in accordance with the zone in which it will be installed (see ZONES)


"Universal": Took a heavy human traffic. The different variants are aluminum profiles with different configuration elements: rubber, textile, three-row brush, one row brush and aluminium rim. Possible selection:

Height – 17 mm; 20 mm; 26 mm
Color of the textile – 10 possible colors
Color of the three-row brush – black, grey, red

The one row brush is mounted among the profiles and its function is to the remove the dust.
The aluminium rim is also mounted among the profiles and its function is to stop the coarse fragments
The combination of elements (inserts) is freely according to customer’s needs (rubber brush, textile)


“Brush”: height 22 mm,  cleans the coarse dirt and is resistant to medium traffic. Two rows nylon brushes. The difference is that the profiles are polypropylene (not aluminium). Brushes are available in 6 different colors.


“Auto” и “Opened” are the preferred choice for enterprises, warehouses and similar buildings.


"Opened" allows to be used on both sides (it can be turned periodically).


“Ten”: height 10 mm, designed for low to medium traffic (homes, small shops), a good choice for installation in SECOND zone.


“Strip”: designed for highly loaded areas, allows passing of vehicles. Allows covering of a large outdoor area with drainage water and dirt under the doormat. It is supplied on free sized modules.


Textile doormats – the main function of the textile doormats is to dry. They have a rubber base which prevents the mat from sliding and prevents from spreading the dirt that it has on hold. We are offering textiles weather and moisture resistant and those from type carpet. What matters to them is the height, material and the zone for which are designed for.


“Logo”: height 15 mm, fine relief, selection from 10 colors.


“Fino standard”: height 18 mm, with rubber base, a rough relief (on ripples), the material is resistant to heavy traffic, selection from 3 colors.


“Fino atrium”: carpet type, height 10 mm and a rubber base, with solid threads, selection from 6 colors (combinations of black and other color).

“Fino plast”: height 13 mm, material PA 40% и PP 60%. The hardness of the fiber stops impurities and ensures long use. Prevents slipping at very low temperatures. It can be used outdoors in all weather conditions. Do not stop the moisture.


“CLEANGUARD”: height 11 mm, variation of "LOGO" with a hard surface. Good choice for organizing "paths" or covering lobbies in office buildings, restaurants, reception areas and offices.


"Coconut": height 15 mm, PVC textile fibers, selection of 2 colors (black and light brown).


„LOGO Atrium“:  height 11 mm, full color image, company logo, sign, name, text. Made by a project, photo or scanned image. File formats: BMP, TGA, PCX, JPEG, PSD, EPS,. CDR, TIFF.


„Art design“: height 11 mm, size 80х50см,  identical "Logo Atrium" produced by design of StepMat.

Doormats with logo could be also produced from " Logo monochrome," "Coconut" and "CLEANGUARD"..

Installation (placing) of the doormats in frames:

Determine what frame you want to - "under" or "over" the floor level:
               Under the floor level – the passing by don’t meet any obstacle
               At the floor level in a tapered frame - avoids tripping
Doormats type "TEXTILE" are not suitable for installation in frames under the floor level


Under the floor level: the opening for build in must be with a depth corresponding to the height of the selected doormat, when it is placed without built in aluminium frame and with 3 mm deeper if you place it with one.
On a flat bottom and walls the doormat can be placed without built in frame, but if there are roughness we recommend a frame.


On the floor level: tapered aluminum frame in cases there is no possibility to make a hole. The offered frames are with width 45 mm and 65 mm.

The size you enter in your order is:

for doormats when you define the frame – the frame is not included

for doormats with complete (uniform) frames - include frame

When installing the doormat in a frame are allocated 0.25 mm on each side "of" the frame
When manufacturing a frame for installation above floor level in its length, are calculated in addition:

with a frame 45 mm - 8 x 45 mm
with a frame 65 mm - 8 x 65 mm

The frames are calculated on linear meter and the doormats on square meter and piece.


We will be happy to connect our office. In the short terms we prepare offers.


Important information in order to make an appropriate offer


For what type of site is the doormat (in terms of flow of people)
Where will be placed (outside in front of the door, is there a shelter to protect from moisture or indoor)
Is thereprovided an opening for build in or it will be in run up frame
The dimensions which are specified, are there for the opening or for the doormat
With run up frame, are the sizes with the frame or just for the doormat
Specified traffic direction - width (front) and length (on the direction of passage)


Example for wrong opening or installation with run up frame :


Doormat with dimensions 116 cm х 86 cm  = 1 sq.m.
In this case the frame will be: built in (4,04 л.м.); run up frame 45 mm (4,40 l.m.); run up frame 65 mm (4,56 l.m.);
It is very important to specify the traffic direction, in order the profiles or the textile relief to be properly oriented.

Example for non-standard shape:

Example for taking sizes from an existing opening:

Examples for doormats for outdoor installation or in front of a stair: