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14 february 2013




      You keep your doormat in good condition, but despite of this it may need repair. Not every doormat StepMat could be repaired, but when it is possible and economically justified we will take care.

       Replacing the inserts coul change the functionality of your doormat. You can put it in a new location (other area) and in different configuration of doormats. You may just want a different look, color or size.
We can advise you. For convenience, the possible repairs and changes according doormats StepMat, are described below.



The textile and rubber inserts could be replaced. The wearing out of a THREE-row brush insert is rather unlikely, but if necessary, it also could be replaced. There is a possibility for placing an optional insert - textiles, rubber or THREE-row brush.
It should be borne in mind that if a material is added, there will be noticeable difference between the new and the one which has already been exposed to weathering.


Replacement of profile - SINGLE line brush when it is necessary, includes obligatory changing of the profile itself, not only of the insert.

Replacement of aluminum profiles – it may be necessary if a car had passed through the doormat or at any other reason the doormat has been subjected to intense pressure and profiles are crushed or severely bent.




Repair of doormat type OPENED could not be done. The production process does not allow.




For a doormat TEN could be done only replacement of textile or rubber inserts.
Unfortunately, at the moment the repair period is at least 30 days.




Complete repair (replacing of profiles) of doormats type BRUSH is not effective. Such a repair can rationalize only in case you need to replace one or more damaged profiles of a relatively new doormat.


TEXTILE doormats:

In textile doormats borne in mind their transportation the repair would be expensive. However, on these doormats it is possible to be necessary remodeling, reduction or extension. It should be borne in mind that if you add material there will be a noticeable difference between the new and the one which has already been exposed to weathering.
Price for repair of textile doormat can be determined depending on the need.



In stair edge strips we are offering replacement of the rubber insert. It can be bought through the on-line shop.

При стълбищните лайсни предлагаме подмяна на гумената вложка. Може да бъде закупена през он лайн магазина.



The transportation of the doormats is on customer’s costs in both directions. The point where the doormats should be transported is the town of Veliko Tarnovo.
The transportation could be done with transport of StepMat (Ramer Group Ltd), as for this service is paid an advance agreed price, depending on the distance and location of the object. Customer may, deliver and receive the refurbished doormat with his own transport from our address in the town of Veliko Tarnovo.




12 December 2012



The good style and the care for the cleanliness are important. The doormats are an accessory to the modern building that protects the interior from dirties.
StepMat offers professional cleaning doormats suitable to your specific needs. The selection includes:



Sizes   (width and length)
Shape   (non-standard shapes corresponding to specific design solutions)
Height (in accordance with the intended project, depth of the hole)
Configuration of the inserts (depending on area of use)
Color of the textile inserts (according to the tones of the flooring)
Frames  (for installation in the floor, skewed for external placing)
LOGO (colorful display of logos and symbols)
Structure of the textile materials (in accordance with the function and the zone)


Select the type of the doormat in accordance with the zone in which it will be installed (see ZONES)




18 September 2012 г


COMPLY YOUR DOORMAT WITH THE TRAFFIC (people passing) through the AREA

How could a doormat help? It depends on the specific purpose. You could buy any doormat, of a brand or anonymous, but take into consideration your needs.
Several factors could influence your choice. Here are some examples:

A hotel in the mountains, busyness during the summer season (when it happens to rain) and during the winter season when there is snow. If the hotel is small, it involves a small flow of passing people, and in this case a textile doormat of 2nd or 3rd zone would be sufficient. But if the entrance is directly from the street this involves more dirt and it will be better if you also put a doormat of 1st zone. If the hotel has more rooms and larger traffic, a doormat of 1st zone is needed. In this case an internal doormat only would not have the capacity to stop all the dirt and moisture.
A hotel on the seaside would have more need of a good doormat of 1st zone in order to stop the solid particles (sand, dust). The doormat of 3rd zone could be smaller in size, with the hotel’s logo for example.

A gas station, supermarket, office building need a doormat of 1st zone (external) and it should meet the heavy endurance requirement. Here you will also need a doormat of 2nd zone (an internal textile one) in order to stop the moisture and the mud in wet weather. These are areas with year-round activity.

A private home needs a small doormat. Small because this is the only place where people passing stop. At our doorstep only we all consciously clean our shoes. The zone is important depending on where you want to place the doormat. A textile doormat outside in wet weather would not be useful and an external doormat placed inside the premises would require frequent cleaning.

A restaurant, no matter how big or small it is, needs full consideration of the choice. Here, in addition to the considerations with regard to the location and the flow, it would be good to comply with the interior (vision, colours, size of the lobby).  Doormats with the restaurant’s logo would look good. Remember that the more steps the visitor makes on the doormat, the more pleasantly it will be inside the premises. Placing an external doormat would not likely be an appropriate choice unless there is a constant flow of people.


13 September 2012 г


     The care of cleanliness is important. You might prevent contamination of the interior with doormats suitable for the purpose. Consistent in form and color, custom-built.

     How a doormat can help? Depends what is about. You can buy any doormat, brand or anonymous, but consider it to your needs. Conform with:

  • The flow of the passing people (load endurance);
  • In which seasons is to be used (what is to keep - snow, sand, dust, mud ... how often it rains ...);
  • What is the coverage of the floor on the premises (tile, stone, wood .... or difficult to maintain marble ....);

     The more steps the visitors made on the doormats, the less damage on the premises. This does not mean to buy a huge and expensive doormat! Let your choice be functional.




12 september 2012



What is DISINFECTION doormat?


Rubber bath with sizes 98x81 cm. A disinfecting solution should be poured into it. It is made of nitrile rubber. Resistant to all types disinfecting and hygiene products on the market. People working in the premises pass through it and disinfect their shoes, preventing from spreading microbes and microorganisms.


You may say that the solution spreads in both directions around the doormat. Yes, you have to put two other doormats, which will limit that. They might be "FINO standard" for example.



Where is to be used DISINFECTION doormat: in premises for producing food products (meat, milk .....) breeding facilities (barns, poultry farms), in research institutions, hospitals during epidemics and other similar premises.




13 August 2012



The online shop is now open. Until Sept. 30 it is recommended to contact us before you order.


Phone: 0888 606 333


At this time you can pay by bank, on delivery or via




30 July 2012



We are producing and selling indoor and outdoor doormats. The basic part of the production (about 75%) is in Bulgaria. These doormats, which still we can not make are produced in the Czech Republic or the Netherlands.


We are actively selling both in Bulgaria and in Romania. Eight years now. We work exclusively with suppliers for materials from Bulgaria or the European Union.


Each entrance needs a doormat. Whether you will buy a doormat StepMat from us or similar from our competitors is a decision, which we are not aiming to influence on.                                             

Our goal was to share with you the information and the knowledge that we gained from our practice, for the use, selection, purposes, materials ..... and we will be happy if we manage to be at least a little helpful.


This web-site is not completed. We will continue to upload information about everything we got and is associated with entrance doormats.


If you want to share with us any ideas or comments, we will carefully listen to them. If you ask us, we will try to answer your questions. We know that there is always something more to be learn.

We would like to continue producing and selling entrance doormats according to your requirements and expectations.