Dielektromos Kesztyűk

Kód: 4067010100

Szám / Size 

Jótállási idő: 1 hónap

Előállítási idő: 3-5 napok

Gloves are designed to protect against electric shock when working on electrical equipment and electrical networks.

 They are designed, manufactured and tested according to EN 60 903.

 These gloves are ergonomically shaped, with five fingers manufactured entirely from high quality natural latex.



Gloves must be transported and stored in their original packaging. It is recommended to be stored in dry rooms with ambient temperatures between 5ºC and 35ºC. Avoid exposure to artificial sources of heat, direct sunlight and sources of ozone. Do not press or bend.

Súly: 1,000 kg.

Előállítási idő: 3-5 napok

Jótállási idő: 1 hónap

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