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Order your LOGO!

O R D E R    Y O U R    L O G O !

Doormats with LOGO

A doormat designed for THIRD area.


Each site requires entrance doormat. And the size does matter.

Attract attention. Do it in a manner which will be seen.

COMPANY LOGOS                                                    TRADE MARKS                                LOGO of YOUR PRODUCT

Choose „LOGO PRINT“ for your chain of businesses ...

Restaurants                                                               Bookstores                                                      Clothing shops

Courier offices                                                             Polyclinics                                                       Petrol stations

The changing-rooms of your pool            SPA center                         Fitness center                  Football team

The fitting rooms in your clothing shops                    Pharmacies                                         Hairdressers                    


and ...

YOU may choose the SHAPE of the doormat!

 (it is valid for a quantity up to 10 pcs)


11%  for 2 - 10 pcs 

22%  up to 30 pcs

33%  up to 50 pcs

44%  for more than 50 pcs

A D V E R T I S I N G    L O G O

Surprise your customers with “ADVERTISING LOGO”


Promote your brand, product or activity by doormats "Logo print".

A great way to advertise.

We recommend that as a part of advertising campaigns ...

Trade marks                                                           Medicine’s name                           Distributed product’s logo

Brand of beer                                                            Food                                                             Clothes


and ...


11%  for 2 - 10 pcs 

22%  up to 30 pcs

33%  up to 50 pcs

44%  for more than 50 pcs