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Dielectric Boots

Code: 4067020300

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Warranty period: 1 month

Production term: 3-5 days

Dielectric boots used as an additional electrical protection device at a voltage up to 20 kV).

Dielectric boots are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with
GOST 13385-78




Made of high quality rubber


Retain electrical insulating properties when operating at voltages up to 20 kV and at a temperature from -30 ° to + 50 °

Test voltage - 20 kV


Allowable leakage current - 5 mA

Directions: shod on shoes.


Dielectric boots were stored at a temperature of 0 ° to + 25 ° at a distance of at least 1 m. of heaters. They must be protected from direct sunlight, resistance to oils, gasoline and aggressive environments.

Weight: 10,000 kg

Production term: 3-5 days

Warranty period: 1 month

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